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Discover Ayurveda in Sedona

Ohm artwork with chalk by Aaron Schwaller

Ohm artwork with chalk by Aaron Schwaller

Join us in Sedona at Mclean Meditation Institute for this fun day of exploring!

Experience the powerful connection between the mind and body as you enhance your health in an intimate Ayurveda immersion designed to help you discover balance, joy, and health every day.
The program is held from 10:30-5:00 pm. Led by Radha Schwaller, an expert practitioner who will share with you Ayurvedic natural approaches to achieve and maintain a vibrant and joyful state of health. Identify your Ayurvedic constitutional body type; discern which foods and herbs help create balance for your constitution; and creating a healthy daily and seasonal routine. You'll create a self-care mandala to outline balancing activities based on your personal Ayurvedic assessment. program is limited to 15 participants to ensure a high level of personal attention.

$95 early registration (by April 23,) after $125. Call (928) 204-0067 to register.